[How] Can the Diaspora Invest Collectively in Development?

The Global Native is concerned with researching different ways of funding development in Africa, we realise that despite decades of various development policies, theories and general persuasions, it is usually the financial strings that determine project outcome. Continue reading “[How] Can the Diaspora Invest Collectively in Development?”

Why Africans are highly taxed for sending money home

The Overseas Development Institute (ODI) hosted a public event on 16 May 2014 about the high cost of sending remittances to Africa. It brought together various speakers from the banking sector, NGOs, politicians and the money transfer market, interestingly, no migrants were on the panel. The central point highlighted the significance of remittances for Africa’s development and particularly how and why sending money to Africa attracts such high charges compared to other parts of the world; some of the key points are as follows: Continue reading “Why Africans are highly taxed for sending money home”