Young Zimbabwean farmer harvests 92 tons/ha of tomatoes

Sininisethu Sibanda, one of the 59 young people who recently graduated from Ebenezer Agricultural Training Centre achieved a whopping 92 tons per hectare with his recent tomato crop edging the training institute closer to the 100 tons per hectare that they are aiming for.

A mere two years before this, Sininisethu and his fellow apprentices were just another lot of rural young people, most of who had failed their O’Levels and were facing a very uncertain future. These are the young people for whom the vision of Ebenezer exists – to equip them with the practical skills they need to run their own small-scale agricultural business and the spiritual maturity to be able to live Christ centred lives in their communities. Ebenezer is a residential training centre situated in Mablauwuni Village (3km from Emsumeni Business Centre) in the Matobo area of Matabeleland.


The impact Ebenezer is making is phenomenal.

Young lives changed
Most rural young people have such limited options – we are trying to change this without them having to move to towns or to Goli….
Skills gained
They are gaining valuable skills in agricultural production, business education, life skills and an understanding of the Christian faith.
Agricultural production increased
Agricultural production is increasing locally, with the excess sold in the markets in Bulawayo
Small businesses started
Small businesses are being started, to the benefit of all involved
Communities impacted
The community is flourishing – Ebenezer graduates are encouraged to work with the local communities and they in fact become the agri-experts in their villages. These are the foot-soldiers of Turning Matabeleland Green.

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