uDube we Tsholotsho – changing a village

People keep telling me that the factories in Bulawayo are closing, and do you know why – it’s because we did not build those factories. I am not saying it’s a good thing they closed, but I am saying this is an opportunity for us to build with our own hands. If I – a local person – builds a factory I am unlikely to shut shop and go one day. But the question remains why are we not building – the first thing is that we need to believe in ourselves, and know that before the Lord we are complete. It’s a question of identity – you and I need to know that we are images of the living God, this is our source of strength. Only with that understanding will we do anything, if we see ourselves as God sees us, then we will move. It’s knowing whose you are – your identity is in Christ, you belong to the Lord, and before the Lord you are equal to anyone else.

I started in 2008, building with what I have – going to Botswana and buying and selling things, and now I own a filling station.  Then I thought of what at the time I called a green Gwaai project – I wanted to turn the area around me green. I dug a well and put a tomato greenhouse, I’ve been doing this for 2 years now. I expanded last year and laid some piping from the borehole, I now have a drip system for my tomatoes – so in winter I harvest vegetables – cabbages, tomatoes etc. though I still grow maize.

All this work I am doing is an investment, we must invest in the coming generations, invest in our children so they can survive without begging, this donor syndrome has hurt our children, our children are capable, and this erodes their sense of self. I am trying to help them build projects that do not require a donation from elsewhere, I am really fighting this dependency, and it’s difficult because there is only one of me. A lot of them are now seeing what I am saying though, that I am not looking to be asking, and therefore people are now digging their own wells, and the gospel I have been preaching that we are enough, with God we are enough, we do not need anyone else is starting to bear fruit. We have to start with what we have.

I am mobilising groups over there in Tsholotsho to build this, it’s a new thing, and it’s not always easy. I have offered a local women’s group access to my well – I love working with the women, they are more responsible I am sorry to say. I am helping them raise money by enabling them to fatten their cattle which helps them raise more money than just selling the cattle as they are. Our method is that they can only take profit out, they cannot sell the cow and take all the money because there would be problems – people will start depleting the family herd and eating into their capital. If anyone wants to leave the project we do not give them money, we help them buy another cow, so they leave with as many cows as they started with – and the only money they can take out is the profit they earned. This way we keep peace in the homes, we can’t have fathers depleting the family herd for money – all we want is simply a way to raise capital.

At 52 I am one of the youngest former freedom fighters – I joined the war at 15, and even during the liberation war this is what we used to teach – that we must build with our own hands. I tell people I am not a war vet, I am a freedom fighter, the term war vet has become associated with a mercenary attitude I do not like. When we went to war we were called abalweli be nkululeko (freedom fighters), people sometimes have the wrong idea that we went to war to fight white people – we went to fight an unjust system that was making it impossible for us to develop ourselves. And I am still fighting the injustice of under-development today. But now I am doing it with different tools.

6 thoughts on “uDube we Tsholotsho – changing a village

  1. yes you are correct, the liberation struggle is a process not and event, so we must continue liberating ourselves first from mental slavery and then by working productively as you are doing. You are a hero and true one.

  2. form you article many things can be taken to heart but i wish you had tried finishing your school because of many grammatic errors. I for one come from tsholotsho and its suprising how you fail to mention the two decades of marginalization from your uncle Mugabes tribalistic policies. Many may argue, albeit i have a lot of intellectual muscle and time on my hands, Well done Mr Dube on your projects. For me your making the right noises but remember you are part of the problem through your affiliation with wateva u call yourself(war vet)(freedom fighter) because ur the same people whom have kept Mugabe in power and your constant appetite to recieve state pension. You are privileged even if yo donot want to admit it because u are part of the cohort that instintively downed the economy trhough Mugabes unbudgeted payouts. Its interesting how you failed to mention how you chowed the 50k bestowed upon you and then when things are bad ,you mention your side street seeling skills as if u didnt get the 50k. Your article could have made more sense had you wrote this after you recieved the 50K, zim could have been a beta place…

    Your wayward denial of the term war vet advises me that you still live in the past like Mugabe and that for me is problematic because the war has been over 3 decades and a half ago , so for you to refer to yourself as a freedom fighter is of the mark and that term in my book can be only used in you bedroom not in this platform

    Son of a war veteran

    1. you idiot u calling yo self son of war vet , this man never benefited 50k u talking abt he was a soilder yes ago and he saw no future and left to start his bussiness, also good or bad english it doesnt matter in this case , fo your own info his first born and second born are holding degrees as we speak ;;;; i kno him personal he has done so well ,, your comment is too long wth no sense in it u jus subjecting wth no idea.
      Rgds lan 0777553261

    2. Am surprised you have convinced yourself that you are learned yet you don’t understand a word that came from Mr Dube. Good or bad grammar doesn’t matter, question is did you get the message? You made grammar mistakes yourself but no one dwells on them.

      You claim Mr Dube received 50k, were you together when he got that money? You busy making unfactial arguments, clearly showing how undeveloped you are in your head. You call yourself Son of a Warvet, did your parent receive the 50k you are talking about?

      You crying like a baby about how the Government has failed Matabeleland is the same thinking that has led us where we are. Quick question, are you developed, are you financial stable since you learned and all? Wait, do you even know what those words mean?

      I bet you are fuming with anger if you reading this, one of the many reasons that over qualifies you to be a fool.
      The fact that you think developing people are preveledged will keep you from growing. Be wise, learn from them “WORK!!!”. In case you haven’t realised you are Zimbabwean and that on its on has a clear label, “The weak deserve no sympathy”.

      Please son of a warvet. Keep up!!! No need to keep showing us how much of a fool you are. Its loud n clear.Be well.

      Son of a freedom fighter.

  3. It’s uplifting to have our own with such an insight into the future. Such progress needs a wider dissemination especially among the progressive younger generation who see big towns as the only place one can make it.

    Well done Mr Dube fly the flag high.

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