Mrs Khuphe

This is not the first time I have done tomatoes – most of us have grown tomatoes here and there – the difference is that before I had no training and I had no vision.

You see, this time it’s not simply about tomatoes, I have plans that these tomatoes will make possible for me. This might sound like a small thing, but we do not achieve anything without being intentional about it. Most of us just do things and hope for the best, but after the training I received I wrote the vision down.

Look at this first crop, these are just three weeks old, but my plan is that this first lot will raise capital for me to start the chickens’ side – I should raise enough from this to do layers. With the profit from the second lot I want to travel to South Africa, I have relatives there I have not seen in a while, and I will be able to do this in my own steam after my second harvest. I want to use the third lot to help my mother in Longfield to start the project herself, I should be able to raise enough capital for her, and by then my chickens will also be making something.

What makes it all so possible is not just that it’s so easy, but the resources are locally available. The young people from the church helped me dig the holes, and I collect manure and mulch for free – all God given resources for me to use. I am very happy with this project, and can see myself doing this for a very long time.

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